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About us

MERCURY d.o.o. is na organisation founded on 29.11.1990.g. and founder and owner is NIKOLA SUMINA-LAUFER Mr.dipl.oec. with a base capital of 2.860.000,00 kn.

At it's home address in Karlovac there is business space approx. 3.000 m2 in are where coommercial-financial department together with complete logistics and own customs warehouse are located.

Up to 1999.g. MERCURY's basic activity was distribution of football, handball, sports medicine and recreation products, in which time admirable business results were acomplished.

From 1999.g. beside wholesale activities MERCURY starts to develop it's own retail sale network so today it owns 13 stores (own or cooperative). In last two yeasr Mercury has tries to change its assortment in these stores from football, handball and recreation to yachting, tennis, golf and recreation.

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